A Cup of Heaven
A Cup of Heaven from $55.00
Chocolate, Chocolate, and more Chocolate.........A Cup of Heaven was made for all the Chocolate lovers. This bouquet is arranged with milk chocolate covered dipped strawberries with milk chocolate drizzles, chocolate sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips. You will think that you're in Heaven when you savor this assortment of chocolate covered strawberries. Make someone feel heavenly today! Small $55.00, Medium $75.00, Party Size $95.00Container may vary
Assorted Drizzled Berries
Assorted Drizzled Berries from $25.00
Enjoy these delicious Berries! White and Milk Chocolate! Dark chocolate by request! Add Dipped Pineapples $10.00 - 6 Milk Chocolate - 6 White Chocolate  (wp - with pineapples)
Assorted Encredible Dipped Drizzle Berries Assorted Encredible Dipped Drizzle Berries
Assorted Encredible Dipped Drizzle Berries from $45.00
This beautiful bouquet was arranged just for you! Enjoy the assortment of chocolate covered dipped strawberries in white chocolate with milk chocolate drizzles, pink chocolate with milk and white chocolate drizzles and milk chocolate with white chocolate drizzles. Small (coffee cup or mug) $45.00 Medium $65.00 Large $85   Shown in Large. Container may vary
Assorted Gourmet Dipped Berries
Assorted Gourmet Dipped Berries from $30.00
Surprise someone special with these Encredible delicious berries! Each strawberry is dipped and covered with nuts, mini chocolate chips, and assorted drizzles. Medium shown. Add Dipped Pineapples (wp - with pineapples)  
Assorted Sweet Treats Box Assorted Sweet Treats Box
Assorted Sweet Treats Box $10.00
The box may contain assorted dipped berries, assorted gourmet cookies, dipped pineapples, brownie pieces, cheesecake bites, dipped oreos, cake balls, rice krisy treat….. You can also customize the box as well.  
Balloons Balloons
Balloons $4.99
Balloons for all occasions.
Berry Good
Berry Good from $45.00
This is a berry beauty bouquet and it's berry good! A berry good person deserves a berry good bouquet with all chocolate covered white strawberries with assorted chocolate drizzles. Small (coffee cup or mug)Shown in Medium. Container may vary
Choco-Berry from $45.00
The perfect bouquet to help make anyone's day extra special! A special birthday or any special occasion! Enjoy the chocolate covered dipped berries with assorted drizzle chocolate! Small $45.00 (coffee cup or mug)Medium65.00Large $85.00 Shown Large. Container may vary
Crazy In Love
Crazy In Love from $58.50 $65.00
Have him or her in deep thought and please prepare yourself to receive a lot of love in return. This delicious and amazing fruit bouquet was created to show how Crazy In Love I am with you... Crazy In Love has Milk Chocolate Covered Dipped Strawberries and Apples with Pink and White Chocolate Drizzles, Oranges, Watermelon, and Grapes. A wonderful gift for anniversaries, just because, and more! Showing in Small, Small $58.50, Medium 78.50 Container may vary!
Daily Delightful
Daily Delightful from $45.00
Looking for a Thank You, just because, sorry, missing you, etc... The look and the wait are over! Order me today! I am filled with Cantaloupe, mango, watermelon, honeydew melon, grapes, pineapple flowers, oranges, and assorted dipped chocolate covered drizzled strawberries.Add Assorted dipped drizzled apples $15.00Add one cake pop $1.00Container may vary, Shown in Medium
Encredible Flowers Fruit Arrangement
Encredible Flowers Fruit Arrangement from $55.00
Let me make your event Grand! Everyone will be very happy and impressed! Not to mention satisfied and wanting more once they have a chance to savor the flavor of the assorted cake pops with different flavors covered in chocolate, oranges, mango, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple flowers, assorted dipped chocolate covered apples and strawberries, honeydew melon, and watermelon.Shown in Party size. Container may vary
Encredible Flowers Fruit Tray
Encredible Flowers Fruit Tray $75.00
Encredible Flowers Fresh Fruit Tray is the perfect party tray for your next event or hangout. Skip the tedious work and bring a washed, ready-to eat, tasty, healthy option that everyone will enjoy to your next holiday party, potluck or special occasion. Keep this delicious fruit tray in your home for a variety of healthy snacks for you and your family right at your fingertips. The tray includes green and red grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and watermelon for a variety that's bound to be a big hit with any kid or adult. Try mixing it up and adding your dips such as peanut butter, caramel or fresh whipped cream. Because the fruit is already cut up, you can use these to pack school or work lunches. It'll save you the time you would have spent washing, peeling and cutting the fruit during your busy week. 16 inch tray
Encredible Flowers Gourmet Surprise Encredible Flowers Gourmet Surprise
Encredible Flowers Gourmet Surprise from $55.00
Having a Corporate Party or even a Corporate Meeting, let me be the center of attention with scrumptious and delightful treats, by enjoying what you see. Assorted cheesecake pieces, strawberries are dipped and covered with nuts, mini chocolate chips, assorted drizzles and dipped berries. Sizes are Regular $55.00 Large $85.00 Party Size $125.00
Encredible Gourmet Banana Pudding Cookie Encredible Gourmet Banana Pudding Cookie
Encredible Gourmet Banana Pudding Cookie $24.99
A dozen….  Soft and Chewy with a little crunch from the chessman cookie, topped with banana pudding on the top of the cookie with chessman cookies on top to set it just right. Wow! What a combination?!?!
Encredible Gourmet Platter
Encredible Gourmet Platter from $45.00
Having a party? Bring me with you, and enjoy what you see. Brownie pieces and strawberries are dipped and covered with nuts, mini chocolate chips, and assorted drizzles. Small $45.00Regular $65.00Medium $75.00Large $85.00Party Size $150.00 Add Dipped Pineapples $10.006 Milk Chocolate, 6 White ChocolateAdd Dipped Apple Bites $10.00Milk and White chocolateShown in Large


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